Barbara Giganti Bags: New Shooting

I'm proud to show you some exclusive photos of the latest shooting realized for the launch of the new "BOX" bag by Barbara Giganti. Model Julia Dovzhenko posed for more than 900 pictures, hypnotizing my camera with her incredible charm. It has been a great pleasure to make her acquaintance and to work with such a professional model. Hope you'll like the results. Nick

The Michael Jackson Portal

Started as a game in 2002 to support the King of Pop during the Sony sabotage of the "Invincible" album, the MJPortal became one of the most famous and estimated websites regarding Michael Jackson all over the world, and has been a reliable source for radios, televisions and fans looking for official news for more than a decade.

7 Reasons to have a Responsive Website

Responsive web design allows a site’s layout to change as the screen size being used to view that site changes. A wide screen display can receive a site design with multiple columns of content while a small screen can have that same content presented in a single column with text and links that are appropriately sized to be read and used on that smaller display.

Brand identity: Do you know what it consists of?

If you want to better understand the concept, try to think to the Brand as a person: an ordinary person, in every moment of his life, has a consistency (flesh, skin, bones…), a contextuality (matter, time and space), an appearance (color of the eyes, of the hair, of the skin… shape of the face, of the hands, height, weight etc.), an identifying name (from the First name until the generic "human"), a way to communicate (body language, sounds, gestures, words…) and a personality (shy, curious, arrogant, brave…).

«Each human is different from another because of its own identity».

European Cookie Law

Is your site compliant? If not, you are risking very big troubles...


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