The Michael Jackson Portal
20 Apr 2017
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The Michael Jackson Portal

Started as a game in 2002 to support the King of Pop during the Sony sabotage of the "Invincible" album, the MJPortal became one of the most famous and estimated websites regarding Michael Jackson all over the world, and has been a reliable source for radios, televisions and fans looking for official news for more than a decade.

13.000.000 unique visits, since its conception, and several well-known collaborations with a few members of the MJ entourage, made our website a powerful weapon to support the King of Pop and his message. 

Here are just some examples of what we did done for Michael:

10 February 2017


Several initiatives and collaborations with International Media

01 October 2010

MJ Europen Convention

The Michael Jackson European convention, organized by MJPortal and L M A, starred Bryan Oxman (Jackson's family lawyer) as special guest, and attracted hundreds of fans from all Europe.

01 January 2010

Travis Payne Interview

Travis Payne, Michael Jackson's Coreographer, releases an exclusive interview to Nick (MJPortal)

15 October 2009

Tg1 Specials

MJPortal is included in two specials dedicated to the King of Pop realized by RAI1

22 July 2009

I Love MJ

Only three weeks after MJ's death, the first tribute to the King of Pop, organized by MJPortal and K59

02 November 2007

Ebony Magazine

Ebony Magazine grants MJPortal a world exclusive: the preview of some pictures of the first American photo-shooting in a decade

13 June 2005

Interviews ABC/DJ/All Music

  • Support Interview on ABC News after the absolution
  • Support Interview on Radio DeeJay after the absolution
  • Mini TV Special on All Music after the absolution
20 November 2003

Interviews ABC / DeeJay

  • Support Interview on ABC News after the charges
  • Support Interview on Radio DeeJay, Italian national station, after the charges
01 October 2003


Stuart Backerman (Jackson's PR) and Marc Schaffel (producer of the "What More Can I Give" MJ's charity single) choose MJP as testimonial of the 1st broadcast of the video in Italy

17 September 2003


Interview on Radio Italia Network, Italian national station, about WMCIG

15 November 2002

WMCIG #1 in Italy

The "WMCIG Campaign" started by MJPortal makes the Michael Jackson's charity single #1 in the Italian PlayCharts

The site is actually no longer online. 

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